Accella Digital ranks among the top 3% of companies awarded the Google Premier Partners status for 2022

This month, Google announced the achievements of its top-performing digital marketing partners worldwide. Our agency achieved the 2022 Premier Partner status, placing us among the top 3% of Google’s Partners that meet the new, more rigorous program requirements. Achieving this status underlines our dedication to managing results-driven digital campaigns and helping our clients achieve continuous growth and development.

What is the Google Premier Partner Program

Google Premier Partner is a special recognition by Google for advertising agencies with a demonstrated ads skill and expertise meeting higher ad spend requirements as well as certification and performance requirements that go beyond the standard Google Partner status (Google Partners).

“Congratulations to our Premier Partners for being among the first 3% of the Google Partners in Bulgaria. These companies stand out based on their commitment to developing product expertise, building new client relationships and helping existing clients grow. We look forward to supporting them as they help their clients succeed online.”

– Davang Shah, Global Managing Director, Google Ads Marketing

How to become a Premier Partner

The Google Partners program has undergone significant changes in 2022, including redefining what it means to be a Premier Partner through new, expanded requirements and offering Premier Partners unique benefits to help them grow and succeed with Google Ads.

To be recognized as a Google Premier Partner, agencies must meet strict requirements such as:

  • Investment in Google Ads measured by ad spend and acquired revenue across managed accounts
  • Agency growth measured by the number and size of associated Google Ads accounts
  • Ability for partners to acquire new clients and maintain current ones
  • A team of specialists who have passed the Google certification exams

Benefits of being a Google Premier Partner

Being a Google Premier Partner for 2022 comes with a whole host of benefits that positively impact both us as an advertising performer and the results we achieve for our clients.

As a Google Premier Partner, we benefit from:

  • Access to the most current beta versions of Google Ads features
  • Access to the most up-to-date information on market research, trends, best practices and changes in the Google Ads platform
  • High-value promotional offers with which our new clients get up to BGN 700 for free on top of their advertising budget
  • Access to 24-hour Google Ads support, which help us quickly and efficiently solve client challenges
  • Access to selected industry events, such as an invitation to the Google Partners Annual Meeting

For our clients, this means we have the necessary prerequisites to work optimally with Google to support and nurture our client campaigns.

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