How local SEO works and how it can boost your business?

How local SEO works and how it can boost your business?

Search engine optimization has been increasingly important in an environment where people are almost always connected. Moreover, we tend to use the search engine for various reasons like work, entertainment, information, curiosity, etc. constantly. You can see the statistics yourself, but some people reach around 76 queries a day.

What’s Local SEO?

The search engine optimization (SEO) is among the most efficient digital marketing tools and is developing together with the development and growth of search engines themselves. The improvement of Google’s algorithms inevitably leads to more efficient and value-creating SEO practices. This specialization has led to the differentiation of local SEO.

Local SEO Definition

Local SEO is about optimization of a website so that they can rank well in local searches. Those searches are either based on users’ location or a specific term like “near me” or “in London”. The fact that local SEO matches the business with the target audience in its region makes it especially important for B2C companies. Most often, those searches are made through a mobile device and the mobile local searches are increasing with 146% year over year with 1 out of 2 ends up in store visit. This shows what a remarkable impact good local SEO practices may have on your conversion and profitability.

Local SEO Goes Beyond Search Engines

The first part of local SEO is closely connected with the search engines. For example, Google has created its Google My Business platform that is a central hub for the company’s details online. Namely Google My Business provides details for Google searches and Google Maps, for instance. Creating an optimized listing is a must and a starting point. However, local SEO goes beyond that and is closely connected with good site optimization.

How Does Local SEO Work?

Often, people believe that local SEO practices coincide with SEO ones, but the truth is that this branch of digital marketing has very specific rules.

Competition and Local Keywords Research

Every successful local SEO campaign starts with competition research. You need to know both who your rivals are, where they are located, and what is there competitive research and you need to know what digital and SEO strategies they pursue. Only after that comes the next critical step and, namely, the local keyword research. Here, we are looking for terms that reflect the intent of your local customers.

Content Creation and Optimization

Once you’ve completed the research stage, you can pursue with actual optimization of your site for a local audience and searches. The keyword list already created must be studied carefully and specific and appropriate keywords must be included in the basic elements of every page (title, meta description, heading structure, etc.). Sometimes, you may figure out that you could rank better locally with infographic or video. In those cases, it will be more than useful to invest some time and efforts in further content creation and development.

Link Building

Last but not least, your local SEO campaign will be successful only if you manage to develop a strong local link profile. Links, in the search engine world, are a symbol of trust. The more links you have, the more trustworthy you are. Therefore, when trying to rank well locally, you need links from local, but authoritative websites. Building such connections and relationships is a long-term process that will yield results for years. So, do not underestimate it.

What is Google My Business and When Do You Need It?

Google My Business is the platform that stores information about the business: location, working hours, photos, reviews. It is verified and reliable. And while one in two people who search locally, visit a store the same day, you better invest some time and effort into creating and managing a proper Google My Business listing.

Directories: the Other Place You Can Get Your Business Listed Online

Other local business listings are also crucial for the successful local SEO, as they contribute to authority and ranking and, therefore, revenue. However, it is very important to choose the directories very carefully and not try to get listed everywhere, but only where it makes sense.

Why Does Your Business Need Local SEO?

Small or big, your business does not merely need SEO, but it needs local SEO, especially in a world of constant searches and the diminishing value of advertising.

Local Customers Search Local and Mobile

You want to go for a dinner tonight. Or you want to buy a new lawnmower. What are you going to do? Go online and search for the best restaurants in the area and research the lawn mowers options, prices, and selling points around. And even if you are the best restaurant in town, if your online presence is not locally optimized, you will remain unnoticed. People search local and mobile and to reach them, engage with them, and satisfy their needs and wants, you need to be there and you need to be prepared.

Great Return on Investment and Conversion

Local SEO is among the digital marketing tools with the highest Return on Investment (ROI). You claim your business online, you optimize your site, you facilitate reviews and constant communication with clients, and build connections with fellow local businesses. You, therefore, engage more with your customers, but also through an enjoyable online experience improve your conversion rate.

Local SEO Facilitates the Review Process and Customers Trust Others’ Feedback

When designing your marketing campaign, you should no longer look at your customers as an audience. Rather than that, you need to look at your business and your clients as a community. And in this community, honesty and trust are what matters most. And local SEO allows the facilitation of crucial processes like feedback, reviews, and communication. Listen to the wants of your customers and you will, no doubt, win their hearts (and loyalty).