Entries by Magdalena Dautova

Performance Max Best Practices

In 2020, Google disclosed plans for a new goal-based campaign type, Performance Max (PMax), designed to help advertisers streamline their campaigns across all Google Ads channels. This innovation was officially rolled out in November 2021. This campaign type quickly gained popularity and changed the game for advertisers. But what exactly are the benefits of PMax, […]

YouTube Advertising: Target Frequency Campaigns

In 2023, YouTube advertising became even more prevalent than ever. We’ve all been exposed to ads appearing before, during and after videos, with advertisers balancing the ad experience delivery and reaching the proper audience. Depending on the stage of your marketing funnel, there are a few campaign types you can choose from (Awareness, Consideration, Action), […]

Meta Ads Manager Updates That Dominated 2022

We have already seen quite a few Instagram and Facebook updates throughout 2022, and one thing we know for sure about Meta features – change is the only constant. In the world of marketing and global technology, change is something natural. It provokes us to step out of our comfort zone as advertisers and adapt […]